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Party Invitations Guide

Our life would be boring and somber if there were no holidays - special occasions when people have fun and relax. Any holidays make our monotonous life bright. They are like sparkles or stars which illuminate us, give us positive emotions and ultimate experience. And we look forward to another celebration. And what it will be without friends! If you want to invite your friends, do it in a nice way in order to make your mark. It will create a special  holiday mood not only to you but to your friends too.

It's such a pleasure to get party invitations! You have several ways to give the party invitations to your friends: First - you can find an Internet site and place an order online. What you need is to fill in a special form, state your name, phone, date and location of the party. Your party invitations will be delivered in due time. Second - you can find a website where you'll be offered printable party invitations. But in this case you should have a printer to download these party invitations and then send them to your friends by post. In this case you can add your own text or poem, photos or embellishments. Good quality and delivery are guaranteed. Third - you choose one of online ready party invitations and send it using e-mail. Now let's talk about different kinds of party invitations. If it's a birthday party - birthday party invitations would be the best way to invite friends. Usually birthday party invitations have the age and name of the hero of the day, some funny words or poems. For example, "Coctails, dinner and so much more... we'll tell you later what's in store! Kathy Ulson is 30!" or "Roger Martin's turning 50, but we think he's still hot...Come join the birthday party Rio Bravo is the spot!" Let's imagine how joyful will be kids when they get colorful party invitations. Kids party invitations are always funny with wonderful pictures of animals and cartoon heroes in order to attract their attention. The texts of the kids party invitations also may be rather comic: "Abracadabra! Come and celebrate Max's 5-th birthday! Are you ready for some Magic? Say yes!" Be sure that the kids will get such an invitation with joy. They'll start to make presents and think of the funny costumes for the party.

Wedding party invitations have a special place among other party invitations. Nowadays  wedding party invitations represent a beautifully designed printed text with lettering and slots on the paper. But there was nothing like that before. However the tradition to invite friends to the wedding party was born long ago. As there was no any printing-press and not all the population could read and write town-criers informed all the people about the coming wedding party. In Europe only noblemen could permit themselves to send wedding party invitations. Expensive wedding party invitations were made by the monks who used calligraphy and put the letters on the paper by hand. Wedding party invitations were widespread after the invention of the printing-press in 1447. But the quality of them was rather low. The invention of the lithography in 1806 made a real progress on the market of wedding party invitations. Soon after the World War II not only well-to-do people could afford this. A new method of printing - thermal printing became the most popular.

Besides the above- mentioned traditional kinds of party invitations one can find some other modern categories such as pool party invitations for those who decided to organize a great hot summer party inviting quests in swimming suits in order to drink coctails and play volleyball. Or it may be surprise party invitations which usually keep in secret the aim of  celebration or custom party invitations of a simple design without any pictures and embellishments. The last have only the text on the colored paper. There are also printable party invitations used for kids birthday party or office party and other non-formal celebrations. Various party invitation ideas can include the unusual ones. For example, cookies with a piece of paper inside them where a date, time and location of celebration are given. Or you can send  invitation with a black mask inside! So you should be creative with your party invitations in order to put your quests in the right mood and get the party on the right foot.